Project overview

The Concept: Introducing BankCrash

Banks, right? You trust them with your money, and what do they do? PRINT, CRASH, REPEAT…
BankCrash sees the flaws in traditional banking. And offer unique chances for our community to profit from this. Through our innovative staking mechanism that offers huge APY for those who stake before a bank collapse. Besides this, we push this all on a blockchain for transparency and decentralization.

The Oracle System: Monitoring Bank Health

While our dream is to launch a community-trusted Oracle, that tracks the health of top 500 banks. Currently, our backend does this job: watching for bank crashes and updating the blockchain.

Defining a Bank Collapse

At BankCrash, a bank collapse means a big drop in a bank's stock price, not its total destruction. We see a 95% fall from the peak as the mark. Such a deep drop suggests a major crisis. Most banks can't recover from it.

Goal and Vision of BankCrash

  • Providing an opportunity to profit during bank collapses.
  • Building a community of people who think alike and support each other.
  • Promoting decentralization and financial self-governance.
  • Monitoring the status of the TOP 500 largest banks.