Understanding BankCrash's economics - our tokenomics - is key. It shows the true value and lasting potential of our project. We have crafted our tokenomics to promote sustainability, fairness, and growth.

Initial and Future Token Supply

  • Symbol: $BASH
  • Start: 42,000,000,000 tokens to begin with, chosen to reflect BankCrash's fun and rebellious style.
  • Staking: New tokens are added to the initial supply as staking reward. These rewards are halved every two years. This decrease helps stabilize the token's value.

Token Distribution and Circulation

  • Liquidity Pool (65%): Makes trading smooth and helps keep the token's price stable.
  • Presale (20%): it allow us more accessible and visible with presale and encouraging early investors to join. We will use the funds for extending marketing scaling as the developments are all in house with the founders.
  • Partnerships & CEX (7%): Tokens ready for future listings on main CEXs. 50% Locked for 1 year.
  • Community Rewards (8%): Tokens to reward people for acquiring new investors, being involved (airdrops) and holding onto their tokens or completing tasks.
  • No Team token allocation. The project is self funded!
Our distribution method aims to keep BankCrash's ecosystem healthy, active, and engaging.

No bullshit

Buy/Sell TAX: 0%